Dulicate Bill

Aiming to provide you the quality service you deserve.

KESC has been striving to continuously improve its’ service delivery capability. During the last three years, our management, engineers and workers have made great efforts to enhance the overall quality of our services. The information you provide through the form below will help us understand your needs better and enable us to enhance our distribution capacity accordingly.

Self Declaration of Connected Load
(For single Meter Consumption of Domestic/Commercial Connection Only)
Consumer Name *  
Address *
Landline No
Cell Number *
Email Address *
Category of Consumer / Premises Type *              
Account Number / Contract Account Number *
Contract Number / Consumer Number *
Meter Number *
Employee Number (only for KESC Employees)

* is a required field .

Electrical Equipments proposed to be put to use: (Please fill up the following table to enable determination of the connected load normally the actual load of each item will be considered to determine the connected load at the premises. In case of non-availability of the rated capacity of any item , the load shown below shall be considered).

Note: Please add any item found missing in "Others" in the table below.

Appliance Load Per Item(Watts) OR Actual Wattage No. Total Load (Watts)
Bulb (60 Watts)
Bulb (100 Watts)
Bulb (120 Watts)
Tube Light (Fluorescent)(20 Watts)
Tube Light (Fluorescent)(40 Watts)
Energy Saver (10 Watts)
Energy Saver (20 Watts)
Energy Saver (30 Watts)
Tape-Recorder/ Music System
Television (Colour)(100 Watts)
Television (Black/White)(60 Watts)
Deep Freezer
Heater (For cooking and water heating)
Washing Machine
Electrical Geyser (1500 Watts)
Electrical Geyser (2000 Watts)
Microwave Oven
Air Conditioner (1Ton)(1500 Watts)
Air Conditioner (1.5Ton)(2000 Watts)
Air Conditioner (2 Ton)(2250 Watts)
Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton
Water Lifting Pump Set
Inverter to be used in case of power failure for own use/(UPS)
Spare Plug Points      
     (A) 5 AMP
     (B) 15 AMP
Others- on Actual
Total Aggregate Load (KW) 1 KW = 1000 Watts  

Sanctioned Load     

Extra load Required                                                                                                                                                                                    

        (A) 1/3RD of the total unused plugs incase of domestic category shall be counted for computing connected load.
        (B) Defective Applicances like Cooler, Freezer, T.V, Iron , Oven etc which are not connected and not working shall not be taken into account.
        (C) Any other item of load not inclued above shall be taken as per manufacturers rating.
        (D) Fraction of load in KW shall be taken as next higher whole number for the purpose of billing or as otherwise provided in the tariff order.
        (E) I hereby verify that whatever stated aboce is true and correct.
        (F) Consumers with Dual meters are required to fill out seperate forms for both their meters.



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